Paula’s Holiday-Monday

Peter was now positioned between her wide spread thighs, "Are you OK with this" he asked her. "Am I OK with this, just you bury that outsized living thing in me right up to the hilt this moment or I am going to explode"
She gasped as she felt the hot end of him touch her inner thigh she reached down and steered his shaft until it was just touching her outer lips she then let go and told him to dive in and bury that huge cock in her, he did. He pressed the end of his cock against her outer lips and proceeded to push, his glans was just the thing for opening her labia and with the surface covered in all the slippery juices he was quickly sliding in. Since the end of his cock had the perfect tapered shape the progress into her was relatively effortless as he pushed inwards she was being stretched gradually. As more and more of him slid inwards the sensations were something new, with her nerve ends already alive the action of enlarging the entrance to her vagina and then pushing into her proper was causing little fireworks to go off inside her. "Just take It slowly Peter". "Is it hurting" he asked. "No but because your bigger than I am used to the stretching is making little fireworks go off in me and I don’t want to miss any so don’t stop as I am in heaven.
Peter did not stop and she stayed in heaven as he pushed more and more of that mind-blowing cock into her. After what seemed like an eternity and thousands of fireworks she felt his progress slow, she become conscious of some resistance to the steady progress he had made in plunging into her and an increase in the fireworks as he reached a tight spot deep in her vagina. Peter stopped pushing and said that she was getting really tight and was it still OK or was it hurting. I felt the resistance to you she told him but I think it is because I have never had a cock so far in me and it is virginal up there, just keep pushing and unless I say stop as it is hurting keep going until its all in as far as you can get it. Before he commenced pushing again she felt between her thighs to find out how much more length she had got to take delivery of, her hand made contact with his shaft and joy of joys she felt over an inch still outside her vagina so there was further pleasure to come she just let out a groan and told him to thrust the rest of his phenomenal knob up her and to hell with the consequences.
Peter started to push into her again and the fireworks went off, she could feel the end of his knob thrusting open the upper reaches of her passage it was like being a virgin again. As he kept pushing his fabulous penis into her she was on another level of reality, she could not believe the sensations that she was experiencing from having this man entering her body. At last he seemed to have got his entire shaft into her as he stopped shoving; he laid lightly on her keeping his weight on his legs and arms. "How do you feel now" he asked, "I can’t describe what I have been feeling except it is like one massive firework display in my head and body and that is only getting you into me so what it will be like when you start thrusting steadily towards a climax I just do not know but don’t lets waste any more time talking just start shagging me I want to find out how breathtaking it all can become". She thrust her hips upwards and felt his penis move even further up her channel producing a shudder that wracked her body, with a moan she wrapped her legs round his hips and pulled him into her, "just shag me until I give in" she told him "start now because I can’t wait any longer", and start he did.
Paula could not believe how good it all felt, Peter was taking his time there was no rushing just a steady thrusting as he buried his cock in her and then withdrew it until it was almost out. Each time he plunged in the last little bit was the most pleasurable it was the last inch that created so much sensation in her, each time the end of his awesome cock seemed to get a little further into her until she felt his testicles bang against her buttocks then she knew he was right inside. She whispered in his ear to keep the rhythm and depth up as she was at the peak of her climax, the last word came out as a sort of strangled scream as she surrendered herself to the trembling of a new high. She thought that she was at a peak with all of her body shuddering and every nerve going of like firecrackers. 
Peter let out a groan and rammed his superb member even further into her and held it there with his body going rigid she realised that he was about to climax himself. His end was well and truly jammed into her upper reaches were no cock had ever been, she was like a bow, quivering as she waited for what ever was to come and come it did. She felt his already engorged end swell deep inside her vagina setting her nerves even more on fire and then an explosion of red hot fluid spewed out forcing its way into every little nook and cranny. Paula could not believe the sensations that emanated from that area of her vagina and started to spread through her body, when with another grunt Peter blasted her insides with a further charge of his hot cum. Twice more he unloaded quantities of his steaming sticky fluids into her passage and she found that she was getting a lot of extreme pleasure from the sensations that were originating from her hot quivering vagina, at this moment in time she felt she truly loved Peter or at least his rampant cock. She had her arms tightly round his upper body whilst her legs were wrapped round his lower back with her heels jammed firmly into his buttocks holding him in her as forcibly as was possible; she wanted to keep his hot end and fluids right up in her.
Slowly he relaxed and moved to take his weight on his arms and legs. "Don’t let it pull out at all" she told him, "I want to savour the feeling of your considerable cock and hot fluids permeating my insides". He obliged by keeping his manhood buried as deep in her as possible, he gently kissed and caressed her breasts which she found very pleasing this action was letting her down sensitively. She had made no effort to kiss him in any way although she wanted to as a response to his touch, she believed that by not doing this she was staying loyal to Ernie although deep down she knew that this belief was deeply flawed as a kiss was nothing compared to what she was doing with this man and his body. She began to calm down and start to think rationally again. "We had better stop this now as I do not know when Ernie is going to be back, it could be any time and he could catch us like this". Peter agreed, he did not want to be caught like this by any husband even if as in this case she had led the way from an innocent encounter to rampant steamy sexual intercourse, which he had to admit he enjoyed immensely.
Paula moved her feet from his buttocks and released him by opening her legs, she relaxed allowing her thighs to open wide enjoying the pleasurable sensation as he slowly pulled is cock out of her still trembling and hot vagina. Peter eased his penis slowly out of her; it was actually beginning to soften anyway so it was time to pull out. She could feel him shrinking as he pulled out and could hear the fluids slurping as they too were sucked out of her by his piston like cock, she could feel his cum oozing out of her vagina still hot as it ran down her vulva. He rolled over and she watched as the source of all the pleasure she had just experienced slowly shrank, it was covered in a mixture of his spunk and her climatic outpourings. Like Ernie’s Peters foreskin did not cover the end of his penis and now it was flaccid it was about the same size, amazing the difference when it was erect. "Do you want to clean up a bit as I am sure all this gunk will make wet patches on your shorts". Peter said it would be a good idea to remove at least some of the evidence. "Use the yellow flannel and the towels on the right" she told him, he rose from the bed and went into the bathroom. Paula sat and admired his derriere as he crossed the room; it was really firm and rounded. She could just make out the shape of his testicles through the chink and also noticed that it was quite hairy in the crack but not to the extent of spreading over his buttocks, lovely she thought. She realised that she was playing with herself whilst dreaming over Peter’s backside, her fingers were wet with the juices running out of her vagina and she had an overwhelming desire to taste them. She took her fingers into her mouth and began to suck the slimy residue from them, she was surprised that the taste was not all that disgusting in fact she found it was rather pleasant so she dipped her fingers into the cleft between her thighs and tasted herself and Peter some more.
Peter emerged from the bathroom crossed the room and put his shirt back on, there was a short awkward silence. Paula looked up from the bed, "Peter" she said "That was the greatest sex I have ever experienced not just because it was totally spontaneous and should not have happened but because of your technique, the size of your penis and the amount of red hot liquid you filled me with". "Well thank you" Peter replied "I must admit that for me it was the almost virgin like openness of you and the fact that you were a virgin to a penis the size of mine when I reached right into you it was so good for me as well". She looked up at him, "Tomorrow Ernie is going on the trip to look at some more castles in the afternoon, I was supposed to go but if I tell him I felt much better for the rest during the heat I would think he will go on his own. So if he does would you like to come here and we could have some more phenomenal sex and this time know that we would have two hours in which we could indulge ourselves". Peter could not believe what he was hearing, she was inviting him back tomorrow for a repeat or even better time, how could he refuse. "Of course I would like to very much and it should be no problem". "Good" she replied, "I will tip you the wink tonight in the bar, I will say OK Peter if it’s on". "Right" he replied "I will answer with the same, I had better be going in case Ernie turns up and I can’t wait until tomorrow". "Neither can I" Paula replied as he left. She sat there for a little while thinking about what she had done and what she was planning to do tomorrow, she could still get out of tomorrows liaison but did she really want to. She thought she heard the door go so she got off the bed to tidy herself up in case it was Ernie but he did not appear then she thought how could he as there was only one key and that she could see on the dressing table, she thought to herself that she had better get on.
She had just got out of the shower when there was a knock at the door, it was Ernie. Paula let him in and retired round the room to her side of the beds trembling slightly from nerves she asked him in what she hoped sounded a casual manner what his afternoon had been like. He did not appear his normal self for some reason but she was so anxious about her own problems and if Ernie knew or found out about this afternoon and Peter that she did not notice his reticence. Without looking at him she enquired what sort of trip was it, he replied that it was OK a bit hot. He went into the bathroom and had a shower when he came out he had a towel round him and all the other towels over his arm. "You seem to have soaked both your towels" he said to her as he walked towards the balcony he sniffed her towels and said "they are a bit whiffy, I’ll hang them over the balcony". Her heart began to pound, would he smell any trace of Peter on them or was it just coincidence, he gave no other sign of suspecting anything so she calmed down maybe she was just jumpy because of what she had been up to.
They went out to the little restaurant in the town that they liked so much and had a pleasant meal; she calmed down as the evening wore on and Ernie seemed to relax or was it the wine. They walked back to the Hotel arm in arm this she found nice but she could not stop thinking about what had happened in the afternoon and what she had planned for tomorrow. Ernie suggested looking in on the cabaret which suited Paula as she had not seen Peter since he left the room and she needed to confirm with him that tomorrow was on, once more her need for this association started to override her sense of decency. As they entered the bar area she could see Peter and Joan sat with some people on large round table to one side, she recognised one of the other fellows as Harry, Peters work mate and his wife Sofia. Ernie said that they should go and sit with them and headed off for the table, she was happy to follow. As they approached the table Peter looked their way and smiled she was not sure what it meant but then everybody was looking and Ernie greeted them and held a chair for Paula just opposite Peter. A waiter appeared and Ernie ordered a round of drinks and settled into his chair, then he did a strange thing at least Paula thought it odd. He looked squarely at Peter and said to him "OK Peter", this threw Peter as he was not expecting this from Ernie and it rather buggered up Paula’s plan for letting Peter know that tomorrow was on as she could hardly ask the same question. "Yes I am fine" Peter replied to Ernie’s question giving Paula a quick look, his face she saw had a sudden look of panic, was he thinking the same as her, did Ernie know about the planned tryst and the agreed signal that all was well or was this all coincidence.
Nothing else happened for the rest of the evening for Paula to think that Ernie had any suspicion of what was going on, she began to relax a little. After a couple of drinks or so the cabaret finished and everyone just sat around chatting and laughing in general. Ernie left the table to go to the loo and Paula took the opportunity to move nearer Peter and ask him if he was okay, the signal that as far as she was concerned it was on for tomorrow afternoon. Peter responded with an okay much to her delight. Ernie returned and had another drink and later everybody went their separate ways, Paula climbed the stairs thinking about tomorrow. Ernie was pretty quite on the way up, when they got into their room he commenced fiddling with the camera and had a coffee. She asked him if he had taken any good photos, "Quite a few, some will probably be of interest to you." But he did not offer to show them to her instead he placed the batteries in the charger and proceeded to get ready for bed.
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